First party at Netil Market and Dangerous Play Update…

Well it’s the beginning of December!!

Just a quick note to say we are having a small gathering on this Sunday, 6th December, the first ‘Netil Noel’ at Netil Market (Westgate St, Hackney) to celebrate the shop being open and Christmas coming. There will be some spot sales, music from Steve Folk and others and a chance to meet other outdoors enthusiastic peeps! And to check out all our lovely new stuff…

For more details click here.
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If The Purpose Of Education Is Life! Then Shouldn’t Outdoor Play Be Part Of It?

What is the purpose of education? This is a question posed by the Purpose/Ed campaign back in 2013, and this was my response… Given we are now in the last 100 days before the next election I thought it might be a good time to repost. Outdoor play has a key role to play in education, not just in the early years, but throughout schooling. Not just as a small break between classes, but as an integral and often overlooked part of the school day for all children and young people. Anyway here’s my essay… Continue reading “If The Purpose Of Education Is Life! Then Shouldn’t Outdoor Play Be Part Of It?”

My Playworker’s Travelling Journal

In 2013 a playwork project, the Playworkers Travelling Journal, was launched collecting stories of playworkers from all different parts of the sector.In 2014  I was asked to put this short minibook together as a reflection on my journey, and on Play England, the organisation I had been with since 2008, and headed up from 2011, where our mission was to campaign for freedom to play.

I sent off the original document to be part of the travelling playwork journal… but just came across these images when sorting out my office and so thought I’d post up as a memory. Continue reading “My Playworker’s Travelling Journal”