Outdoor People go to festivals

Exciting news – Outdoor People has been asked to do a workshop at Somersault Festival!

So if you are going, do come say hi about 12:00 on Friday!

I’ll be doing a fun workshop around why we became indoors people and how we can break free… Discussing issues like why children don’t go out so much, what communities can do about it and giving some examples of where streets and groups have taken back control of their own spaces so kids can play out. I’m replacing the fabulous Jay Griffiths, author of Kith, so just a bit of pressure…


After that I’ll be taking a break to go to Womad with my niece and nephew, something we’ve been doing as a family for 8 years now since both of them were small. As they are now 15 and 18 I suspect it will be a bit different, but I couldn’t be happier that they both still want to keep up this tradition. A year or so ago I wrote a piece inspired by my niece about the importance of ‘laying down memories‘. That’s not something that happens when you leave them watching cartoons!

And then a couple of weeks later I’ll be off to Wilderness festival as a trustee of a The Wild Network to present a showing of Project Wild Thing.


And then on August 22-25th Outdoor People will be at Exhale Yoga Festival, where we are coordinating the play and games, providing a shop and hiring out tents and swags to sleep in! Get in touch if you’d like more information – soon to be live on this site!

Looking forward to meeting lots more Wild Things!

So you may see a couple of new faces on the stall on Broadway Market schoolyard, do drop by and say hi to them if you are in town. Especially if you need anything to make your own festival holidays comfortable and fun!


Festival fun certainly is one way to make the outdoors easy.