First party at Netil Market and Dangerous Play Update…

Well it’s the beginning of December!!

Just a quick note to say we are having a small gathering on this Sunday, 6th December, the first ‘Netil Noel’ at Netil Market (Westgate St, Hackney) to celebrate the shop being open and Christmas coming. There will be some spot sales, music from Steve Folk and others and a chance to meet other outdoors enthusiastic peeps! And to check out all our lovely new stuff…

For more details click here.

If you can’t make it this weekend, we’ll be open the next two Sundays at Netil, with music and the other bars and shops open, and indeed I’ll be there on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays too from c. 11-6pm. Thinking about doing some Christmas Decoration workshops – what do you think?

And if your bike needs fixing or a check up, there is a lush bike shop at the market!


This week also had a very intense and interesting focus group for the Dangerous Play project, bringing together fourteen academics, thinkers, governors, strategists and local experts in risk, independent mobility, play, schools and sexual health came together. The debate was lively and considered, circling around how children develop understandings of consent, of boundaries, of trustworthiness, of happiness… And then some of us decamped to the fire for hot chocolate! Huge thanks to Hackney Play Association for hosting and to all that came, watch this space for more considered write up!

This is Steve Folk, who will be playing on Sunday at Netil Market, and is well worth a listen and your 50 pence pieces! He’s got a new album out so I’m looking forward to hearing that and no doubt getting a copy as a present for a lucky person.

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