Essential Wildness….

Check out this glorious video from the John Muir Trust about the wild spaces in the UK and their mission to protect and enhance them

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the John Muir Trust for an evening’s talk with the great Chris Packham – heart throb of many an 80s and 90s teen! It was lovely to also catch up with three of the organisations I support through the boards and steering groups – UK wide The Wild Network, London focussed the National Park City and the Islington project Urban Wild Places.
This film reminds us of the importance of ‘wild places’ at the far reaches of the UK, with shots of some places in Wester Ross very, very dear to my heart. Chris’s talk re-emphasised the Trust’s stance that children must engage with the wild places close to home – the street corner, park, streams and canals – to be able to connect and want to protect the wild places further afield. That’s why they – along with the National Trust, RSPB, Wildlife Trusts and over 16,000 other local and national organisations are members of The Wild Network and support the declaration to make London a National Park City. We have to make it easier, not harder, for children to connect with nature, with the outdoors, and we all have a role to play in making it happen.

So make time to #getoutdoors and get some #wildtime, and maybe mindfully consider how you can help the UK to hang on to its wildness for the long term. And if you don’t think you’ve time to get outdoors watch this film instead…. and then realise you really DO have time for a little walk at least!

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