Why urban wandering is good for the soul…

This evening I walked home from Kings Cross along a canal. There were ducks and coots. It was cool, but not cold. There were many lush plants and grassy areas and some great smells.

If you’ve travelled that section of the canal, you’ll know that this is a little ribbon of wild magic threading its way through the city. On a still evening, the trees reflecting in the water in perfect symmetry.

There was an added bonus – lots of nice people left curtains open and lights on so I could indulge a favourite pastime of checking out their living rooms. My phone was nearly out of power so I neither listened to music, called anyone nor took photos for Instagram… It was a little over three miles, and because I went slowly I saw things I wouldn’t normally notice. I got home fee

I then had tea and thought I’d check Twitter. And Facebook. And post a couple of articles I think interesting on my two facebook pages. Oh and Instagram. And then best check personal email accounts. And just one scoot through Instagram.

Whilst I did see some interesting stuff – especially the research on why America vilifies mums that leave children alone for a few minutes (scheduled to appear on Outdoor People’s Facebook page in the morning) – did it make me FEEL good? No. I feel like it undid the peace and quiet of that lovely walk. I wish I’d gone to sleep early instead.

And yet I felt compelled to write it down.

Because this is why I campaign to get kids outdoors. High-tech high-nature is a phrase coined by The Wild Network. I might not have noticed how edgy I felt after an hour of skimming social media without that hour of wandering to compare it too.

I love social media. But I love not being engaged too.

How to balance the two?

Best leave it there and turn off the phone!

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