See all the lovely folks we have met!

Thank you to everyone that has been part of this journey over the last 18 months building Outdoor People, it has been amazing! 

From Anna who was my first customer in the Schoolyard Market, to being part of the East Lindon Design Store’s show last year, moving to Broadway Market, being part of the The Wild Network (I’m on the board) and promoting the brilliant Project Wild Thing film, then joining the campaign group for the Greater London National Park which is building fast.

Taking the shop to festivals, growing the #HackneyWildWalks and #DangerousPlay projects, hiring out tents and doing workshops at festivals. And then most recently opening at Netil Market.

All of this supports our mission to make it easy to get outdoors, to encourage everyone to get outdoors a little longer and especially to get children outdoors.

It match funds our projects and gives us a platform to speak with councils, housing associations, media and others about reducing barriers and to point families and educators to resources to help them get outdoors more.
Because we can’t just think about what kind of planet we leave our children, we have to think about what kind of children we leave our planet – hopefully healthy, happy and connected to the world around them.

Be happy, get outdoors! 😊⛺️🎄

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