Dirt is Good… taking the play campaign global

Outdoor Classroom Day

74% of children in the UK get outdoors for less than an hour a day[1] – far less than the recommended daily outdoor time for prisoners, and even less than the average pensioner[2]. This is the headline stat from market research conducted by Edelman Berland for the Unilever Dirt is Good campaign. It was a global piece of market research, and you won’t be surprised that out of the ten countries surveyed, the UK came out worst.

This blog is specifically about how I’ve got involved in this particular campaign and why I think it is important. I hope you do too.

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First party at Netil Market and Dangerous Play Update…

Well it’s the beginning of December!!

Just a quick note to say we are having a small gathering on this Sunday, 6th December, the first ‘Netil Noel’ at Netil Market (Westgate St, Hackney) to celebrate the shop being open and Christmas coming. There will be some spot sales, music from Steve Folk and others and a chance to meet other outdoors enthusiastic peeps! And to check out all our lovely new stuff…

For more details click here.
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