Made In UK: Derek’s Backpacks

New series of quick posts about UK made outdoors products that have caught my eye…

I first saw a Derek’s backpack about three months ago when I admired an Outdoor People customer’s backpack. She said it was entirely vegan, handmade here in London. Intrigued and impressed I got in touch with them…

They say:

Dereks is a small workshop making strong and good looking backpacks that work well in the wild and meet the challenges of every day. All the products are built to last and not be disposable, to be functional and not be unnecessary, to look good and not be a fast trend. Everything is made by hand and made to order in London by Katy Parkes.

They don’t do wholesale so I can’t sell them, but if you are looking for a bespoke locally made long lasting backpack then definitely take a look!




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