How do you turn a looming crisis into a public debate?

Think back to your childhood… Where did you play? How long for? And what did you get out of it?

At the International Seminar on Children’s Play in the Urban Environment last week, I was reminded by one of the speakers, Ali Wood, how important it is, as parents and practitioners, to keep asking these questions. Not just think about what play is, but how, where and when children now actually get the opportunity to play. Not playing computer games (fun as they are), or sport (again fun as that is), but playing as themselves, for themselves. Continue reading “How do you turn a looming crisis into a public debate?”

Come people … gather round the fire!

Our neighbouring borough once celebrated Bonfire night by burning to the ground a huge wooden replica of the Houses of Parliament, a spectacular gesture which was met with loud approval by everyone present. The following year, when Tower Hamlets decided the theme of the celebration should be a Bengali Folk tale, the Mail Online responded by publishing a story which described the decision as ‘Political Correctness gone mad’ (in its own way a tradition every bit as British as burning Guys). Continue reading “Come people … gather round the fire!”