Must listen – Richard Louv on how we can create a Nature Rich Future

Better for us, better for all our children, for the economy and society, and much much better for the planet. Take a listen to this great podcast!

Richard Louv

The New Nature Movement is building for a reason. Without time in woods, time in the park, time to just be outdoors children’s lives are poorer. Everyone’s lives are poorer.
Crawling through grass, observing creatures, hearing the wind, enjoying rain in your cheeks. These aren’t just nice to have, they are fundamentally important to education, to mental health, to physical health, to creativity. Just for happiness.

Louv, an American journalist and president of the amazing Children and Nature Network in the US, has been researching this for many years and effectively kicked off a multiplicity of studies on this issue, not to mention our own The Wild Network here in the UK. Here he whips through many references and case studies, and paints a picture of how a ‘nature rich’ future IS possible.

So get your headphones or speakers and stop putting off the tidying up and LISTEN to this podcast.


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